Simon Todd

University of Sheffield Graduate

Information Technology and Organisations BSc (Hons) First Class

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Simon Todd



Sheffield, England



Fluent (Mother Tongue)

Mandarin Chinese

Beginner (2 Semesters Studied)

Personal Statement:

I am a passionate, goal driven individual who returned to education later in life. Enthused by learning new skills and advancing knowledge to achieve success. I am always aiming to increasing my understanding of new technologies and their implementations. I work well in environments which present fresh challenges regularly and strive to work diligently and comfortably with colleagues while achieving high standards of excellence.

In my spare time I have crafted my skills in photography and visual media independently. I also have a strong sense of equality often working in my voluntary roles to ensure the voices of underrepresented individuals are heard and catered for within the organisations in which I was involved.


Coding Languages:

Key Skills:


Higher Education:

Postgraduate/Masters: (Awaiting Classification)

Sheffield Hallam University

MSc Big Data Analytics

Sept 2018 - Sept 2020


Topic: Modelling Air Pollution within London with relation to public transport infrastructure

Final Grade: Awaiting Grade

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  • Advanced Data Management Project
  • Data Analytics: Tools and Techniques
  • Industrial Expertise
  • Study Skills and Porject Management
  • Research Skills and Dissertation


The University of Sheffield

Information Technology and Organisations (Combined Studies) BSc

Frist Class Honours

Sept 2012 - July 2018


Topic: How does Wearable Technology Affect Organisation Affected Disabilities?

Final Grade: 84%

Additional Information: (Top 3 Shortlisted for Departmental Dissertation Award)

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  • Global Information Systems (GIS)
  • Website Scripting
  • Website Design and Maintenance
  • Effective Web Page Design
  • Elements of Computing
  • Introduction to Databases and Information Handling
  • Getting started with research
  • ICT and the Law
  • Designing Databases
  • Technical Writing
  • information Resources
  • Study Skills in Higher Education
  • Professional Development
  • Research Methods
  • Project Management
  • Innovations in Information Technology
  • Working with Information Technology Commmunication Technologies
  • Chinese for Non-Specialists 1
  • Chinese for Non-Specialists 2


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The Ramblers: Get Walking Keep Walking (Sheffield Project)

Office Administrator

2010-2012 (2 Years)

Voluntary placement progressed to employment. Responsibilities included liaising with local organisations to arrange facilitation of courses and workshops, data entry into CMS and office clerical matters.

The role also saw me working with staff from The Ramblers head office and IT teams on feature development, testing and deployment of bespoke database and website interfaces as well as providing training to members from other sites and providing telephone assistance as required.

Voluntary Work:

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Sheffield Students’ Union

Department for Lifelong Learning Councillor

Oct 2015 - May 2017 (1 Year, 7 months)

Annually elected representative of students to the Students’ Union Council, the primary decision making body overseeing union policy and accountability of union officers and representatives.

Significant highlights include development of 3 institution policies furthering inclusion and opportunity for students from non-traditional backgrounds and policy on providing support to victims of sexual harassment within the union.

Officer Elections Returning Officer

Oct 2016 - Apr 2017 (6 months)

To be responsible with the oversight of the 2017 election to select new student union officers. Ensuring that elections were successfully completed in line with relevant legal requirements. All incidents arising during campaigning / voting period (50+ over a 3 week period) were to be handled within 1 working day and on-call availability was required for any urgent matters needing immediate action.

The University of Sheffield / Sheffield Students’ Union

Information Technology and Organisations Academic Representative

Sept 2013 - Sept 2015 (1 year, 7 months)

Voluntary representative for students studying Information Technology and Organisations. Responsible for providing student feedback to university department and Sheffield Students’ Union. Work here resulted in election by students to Quality Assurance Oversight Committee during departmental restructure where extra-ordinary progression routes were agreed for affected students to enable degree completion.


References are available on request but to protect privacy have been omitted from this site. Testimonials from previous colleagues may be found on my LinkedIn profile.